My name is Izabela Zagorska. I have been working as a translator and interpreter since 16 April 1991 when I was appointed sworn translator of Bulgarian by the decision of the Chief Judge of the Regional Court in Cracow. In addition, my command of the Russian language is also very good. I understand basic spoken and written German and English.
I specialize in written, certified ( sworn ) and oral translations in Bulgarian from a wide range of areas (law, information technology, finance, insurance).
Over the last few years I have translated many official documents, e.g. letters of inquiry, business correspondence, court documentation, contracts and agreements as well as technical texts. Thanks to my customer-oriented attitude I always deliver high quality, fast turnaround and cost effective translation services tailored to specific needs of every customer.
Pursuant to the Polish Sworn Translators Act I was entered into the Register of Sworn Translators maintained by the Ministry of Justice under the number TP / 172 / 07.