A translator is not obliged to translate literally but to convey the meaning of the source material faithfully in keeping with the nature and specificity of both languages. On the other hand he/she cannot “produce a new text” through adding new contents and meanings not included in the original text.
The translator’s liability is restricted to solely to the translation price. The translator is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of the translation by the Client.
Any Client’s interference in the translated text without the translator’s knowledge and permission absolves the translator of responsibility for the translation.
In case of the Client cancels the order after having made the agreement and submitted the text for translation, the Client is obliged to pay the amount due for the translation done so far.
The translator is not liable for any delay arising from disruption in fax, E-mail communication or for the delivery time by post or courier. The time scheduled for the performance of the translation does not include: Saturdays, Sundays, statutory holidays, as well as the date of acceptance of the text for translation from the Client and the date of return of the translated text back to the Client.